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Amplifier/Receiver Manufacturer:

Barker & Williamson (B & W)


5100B transmitter - check store for 5100 version of this transmitter and for the 515B-B SSB generator tube set


Complete Primo tube tansmitter tubes wth matched (gain, plate current) power amp tubes + all other tubes

Amp Bias Type:

reneutralize with new tubes and driver

Tube Quantity in ( )

Rectifier/Regulator Tubes:

5R4GY (2), 5U4GB (1), OD3/VR150 (1)

Driver/Modulator Tubes:

6BH6 (1)

6BJ6 (2)

6AQ5 (5)

6U8/6KD8 (1)

6146 (2) modulators

Power Amp/Driver Tubes (matched):

6146 or 6146A (2) - matched plate current

Total Tubes in this set:


B & W 5100B