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Amplifier/Receiver Manufacturer:



T150 transmitter


Complete Primo tube tansmitter tubes wth matched (gain, plate current) power amp tubes + all other transmitter tubes

Remember to neutralize your tubes before use for best results

Amp Bias Type:

fixed bias - plug & play tube set

Tube Quantity in ( )

Rectifier/Regulator Tubes:

0A2 (1)

Osc/Driver Tubes (matched):

12BY7/A (1), 6CL6(1), EL84/6BQ5/7189 (1), 12AX7(1), 6DR7 (1)

Power Amp/Driver Tubes (matched):

6146 (2) - matched plate current pair

Total Tubes in this set:


KNIGHT T150 Transmitter Complete Primo Tube Set 6146(2)+all tubes

SKU: 22
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