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Tube Meister warrants against “DOA” (“dead-on-arrival”) or differences between an item description (exclusive of illustrative pictures) and the items received.  Any DOA or defective item should be returned (e.g. in transit back to us with a copy of the invoice) within 7 days of your receipt of the item and notification to us by email for our record.  Please include a brief description of the problem.

Due to the many variations in circuit components including the condition and aging of capacitors, resistors, etc, we can not guarantee how a particular tube will sound in your equipment compared to your current tubes.  Our tube set configurations are based upon customer feedback of tubes that sound good and are the most popular for the amp/radio.  We offer custom configurations by individual request but we don’t accept returns for tubes that are fully functional but “don’t sound good” or “don’t look new” (many vintage NOS tubes lose their label when cleaned and we repackage tubes in new boxes when the old boxes are no longer usable).

Occasionally we ship the wrong tube or tube set and we will gladly replace the wrong shipment with the proper item at our cost.  We test all tubes prior to shipment and warrant that they test as “new” or better on our calibrated tube tester.  Due to differences in vintage tube gear, we can not guarantee that the tubes will test the same in your tube tester or will meet the specifications of your particular equipment or are fit for a particular application.

We DO NOT WARRANT the operation of our tubes in defective amplifiers or electronic equipment!  If you plug our tubes into your equipment and the tubes fail to light up or flash on power up or otherwise fail and upon return to our labs we measure dead tubes, then you WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND for the tubes returned.  Make sure your amplifier/electronic equipment is operational before you plug in new tubes (from us or any other vendor).  If you are not sure, take your equipment to a qualified technician who can install our tubes correctly.

If you need to return your purchase and request a refund, we do not refund shipping and insurance charges that were incurred to ship the product to you or return the product to us. We will issue a refund only after the products are returned and have been verified to be the same ones sent and also test new or better on our tube tester.  Purchase refunds will be in the same form as purchase payments.

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